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Complete subscription fulfillment online reporting

At PSA, gone are the days when your only marketing reporting is a monthly shipment of green bar circulation reports. With PSA Complete you have marketing and accounting reports available online – anytime, because our order processing is “live” (no data updates); these reports are up-to-the-minute accurate. And they’re downloadable to Microsoft Excel, allowing you to massage the data any way you want.

Hand-in-hand with online reporting, at PSA you never have to worry about a backlog of orders sitting somewhere, which could drastically alter your marketing reports. PSA guarantees zero backlog 99% of the time, this assures you every order that came into your mailbox yesterday is reflected in your marketing and accounting reports today.

Many of our publishers have unique reporting needs. Our programmers and circulation database management experts are happy to create custom reports to meet your needs. Over the past decade, we have become very skilled at providing information in many formats. The goal is to get you the information you need and how you want to see it!

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