Overview of Fulfillment Services

Publishers Service Associates offers a comprehensive suite of subscription fulfillment services to the Publishing and Association industries.

Customer Service

• Incoming and outgoing phone calls
• Email responses
• Written correspondence
• Subscriber/Customer “comment log” to keep client informed of trends and issues

Complete Subscription Fulfillment Subscription Database/File Maintenance

• Full financial (earned/deferred/cash and accrual) reporting
• Detailed marketing reporting
• Detailed subscriber record maintenance and reporting
• Website connectivity-online renewals, new orders, premium fulfillment, subscriber access based
  on status and more
• Issue label or file fulfillment
• Premium and report fulfillment via mail or email
• NCOA file updating
• Marketing “finder” number assignments

Mailing Services & Lettershop

• Mailing of magazines, newsletters, books, premium and conference packages, acknowledgments,
  invoices, renewals and more
• Promotional marketing via mail, email, fax and voice mailings
• Skid storage and Inventory management
• Automated inserting of packages up to 9”x12”
• Postal presorting
• Email blasts

PSA Complete our Web Portal Circulation system

• Full product order processing tied to the subscription fulfillment database
• Flexible shopping cart service
• On-line credit card processing tied to the fulfillment database
• Instant PDF fulfillments of premiums, conference registration materials, back issues, alerts
  and more.
  All fulfillment can be tied to credit card authorization


• Renewals
• Requalification calls for BPA or ABC
• Special cross and upsells
• Accounts receivable/soft collections
• Surveys
• Conference support

List Processing and Database Management

• Merge Purge
• Marketing mail preparation
• Finder code number assignments
• List and data formatting and cleanup
• Track list usage and sales
• NCOA address updates
• USPS CASS Certification

Conference Order Processing and Support

• Order processing
• Marketing reporting
• Registration packet fulfillment (email and mail)

Daily Mail Processing

• Mail pickup from the Post Office
• Cashing & caging mail
• Order entry
• Imports of all orders, renewals and transactions from clients web order and “self-service”
  web pages
• Daily financial reconciliation with software system

Special Consulting Services

• Postal issues
• Marketing and renewals
• Copywriting and printing support

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