On-Site Lettershop

Here’s a simple concept. Great subscription fulfillment starts with getting the right message to the right audience, but it’s not as easy as it seems.

Mail automation and printing is a manufacturing process, and it can involve many possible component combinations and strategies for delivery. Many subscription fulfillment providers actually farm out this process to other vendors, or locate the lettershop and printing facility away from the customer service department. This results in a lack of communication between customer service representatives and the lettershop, which can leave a huge margin for error.

PSA’s lettershop is located “right across the hall” from our customer service representative area, and right next to the fulfillment services and IT department. There’s a consistent flow of communication between the customer service representatives, fulfillment managers, the people handling personalization and our lettershop team.

Our lettershop manager is world class and has been in the business for years. PSA gets the right mailing to the right subscribers at the right time.

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