Solutions for Specialty Publishers

We understand special interest publishers

Your readers have a passionate interest in your subject matter, and when they call your service number, they expect to talk to someone who knows the subject matter. Not a “factory worker” call handler.

That’s why PSA is perfect for you. Your PSA customer service representatives are each assigned a primary publication and by design will make your publication their priority. They open your mail, do your data entry, deposit your money, and handle your customer service calls. They are required to read your publications and to have some knowledge of the subject matter. We want you to think of them as if they’re sitting in the office next to you. We encourage you to call them often, to ask questions like “how heavy is my mail today?” or “has anyone mentioned our price increase?” We’re the closest thing to in-house subscription fulfillment, without having to go through the hassle of hiring and firing, training, etc.

Even better, our online reporting, zero backlog guarantee, staff of circulation specialists and in-house lettershop give you an element of control, support and knowledge that most specialty publishers just cannot afford.

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