Publishers Service Associates was started by Mark Hintz in 1999 – created out of his disappointment with the available subscription fulfillment services at the time. Mark’s publishing company, Sovereign Media, had initially used a small local fulfillment house with disastrous results… their homegrown software could not count deferred liability correctly. Following that experience, he moved to one of the mega subscription fulfillment houses with equally disappointing results… missed renewal efforts, sporadic batching and caging resulting in wild swings in cashflow, monthly reports on green bar, and a constantly changing account representative.

That’s when Mark decided to start a subscription fulfillment operation built for publishers by publishers. Then, Mark went to Williamsport, Pennsylvania where he had worked as circulation manager for Grit Magazine, which had recently moved its headquarters to the Midwest, leaving an in-house subscription fulfillment staff without jobs. Mark re-assembled this fulfillment team and Publishers Service Associates was born! He teamed up with fulfillment consultant Debra Schulle, who designed the process and safeguards PSA uses to assure accurate workflow. Mark continues to serve as CEO and Debra Schulle as President.

Williamsport, Pennsylvania

PSA’s facility is located in beautiful north-central Pennsylvania. The city of Williamsport was incorporated in 1866. The city experienced significant growth through lumber harvesting. Many of the era’s lumber baron’s homes have been preserved and can be experienced today in what is known as “Millionaire’s Row.” Today, Williamsport is also known world-wide as the home of Little League Baseball, Inc. – a legacy which was founded here in 1939 as a three-team league. Each August, the world experiences Little League’s World Series by attending the series or watching on television.

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