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A Heartfelt Tribute to Our Very First Employee

Our founder Mark Hintz first met Kathy Paulhamus almost 40 years ago when they worked together at Grit Magazine, a 600,000 circulation weekly. Kathy was the fulfillment manager, and she was quiet, detail oriented, incredibly smart, and knew magazine fulfillment inside and out. Eighteen years and many jobs later, when Mr. Hintz made the decision to start a high quality fulfillment company, Kathy was the first person he called. She was essential to the start up of PSA due to the breadth and depth of her knowledge. “Without Kathy, I’m not sure I ever would have started the company,” Mr. Hintz said.

Kathy is the type of person who will do any job necessary to help the company. Now, a 20 year veteran of Publishers Service Associates, Kathy is retiring. We will miss her personally, and we will always be thankful to her for her honesty, her faithfulness to the company, and her kindness to others. Kathy, you’re truly an inspiration!

If you don’t know Kathy, here’s a profile of Kathy we did a few years ago in our client newsletter.

Kathy Paulhamus
Fulfillment Manager

What did she do before coming to PSA:
She has been a customer service manager with Grit Publishing and office manager with Econo Lodge.

What does she like best about PSA?
Kathy likes all of the people she works with and the fact that everyone gets along. She also enjoys the casual dress code.

A typical day at PSA:
Kathy works with fulfillment software which encompasses preparing jobs for all PSA departments. She works with various clients and colleagues alike to resolve project-related needs.

What kind of volunteer work has she participated in?
She has collected and counted money for the MS (Mutiple Schlerosis) walk in her community.

What is Kathy’s passion?
Farming and taking care of animals.

What does she like to do with her personal time?
Being outdooors – yard work – mowing the lawn and trimming weeds.

Where does she imagine herself in five years, ten?
In five years Kathy sees herself at PSA and in 10 years – retired.

This team has seen it all, and our clients frequently call on our expertise for advice and guidance

PSA’s owners and top managers are industry veterans. Mark Hintz is a publisher of a number of special interest magazines, and has run publishing divisions for several large publishers. Our world class management team represents over 200 years of publishing experience and 80 of those years were spent at PSA helping build a fulfillment house that you will be proud to have handle your publications! They are experts in every aspect of publishing, circulation marketing, subscription fulfillment, postage handling, and lettershop organization. Most of our managers have worked for decades in their fields of expertise for some of the largest companies in the world. They bring a wealth of experience to your fulfillment service needs.

MARK HINTZ, Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Mark started his career in 1980 in the Readers Digest corporate intern program, which exposed graduates to every aspect of magazine publishing, from fulfillment and circulation marketing to publication accounting, advertising sales and newsstand distribution. He continued his career at Reader’s Digest as an assistant product manager on the Families Magazine launch. Mark then worked as a circulation director and eventually general manager of Grit, a 500,000 weekly circulation tabloid magazine. In 1989, Cowls Magazine (now Primedia) hired Mark as Vice President to oversee the business operations of their Empire Press unit. In 1992, he started Sovereign/Homestead Magazine Publishing, which has launched over 20 special interest consumer magazines, many of which are still in publication today. In 1999, Mark started Publishers Service Associates using new technology, high-knowledge employees, and separate CSR teams working with individual clients to produce the highest quality subscription fulfillment.

DEBRA SCHULLE, President and Chief Operations Officer

Debra has worked directly in the publishing world for over 26 years. Her career started in 1982 with the American Diabetes Associates where she managed the order entry and customer service staff. After gaining a great deal of experience in journal/magazine fulfillment and file conversions, she was hired by the National Institute of Business Management to oversee their customer service division supporting over 50 newsletters and books. Within the first year at NIBM, Debra was promoted to Director of Circulation and became responsible for all print production, fulfillment and customer services. Not long after that, she became Vice President and took the P&L responsibilities. In 1995, she was asked to lead the Circulation, Fulfillment and Subscriber Services staff as the Vice President of Georgetown Publishing House. Over 15 new newsletters and special reports were successfully launched during her tenure with GPH. In 1998 she decided to start her own publishing consulting service, Creative Solutions for Publishers. Since then, she has served over 100 different publishing companies and associations with everything from subscription file conversions to improved profitability. After supporting Publishers Service Associates as a consultant for 10 years, Debra joined the PSA team as President. She leads the operations staff, working closely with the same team she helped to hire and watches over the processes that she has been instrumental in developing over the past decade.

ANDREW CONTI, Chief Marketing Officer

As CMO, Andrew handles all aspects of PSA’s sales and marketing efforts. He provides client service support and assists in the area of new products and services development. Andrew brings over 32 years of fulfillment software sales and software marketing experience to PSA. While VP of Sales and Marketing with CWC Software, publishers of QuickFill, he was instrumental in all aspects of selling and marketing QuickFill Subscription Fulfillment Software. Andrew is an active board member of the Association for Audience Marketing Professionals as well as being active in: Specialized Information Publishers AssociationThe Alliance of Area Business Publications;The City and Regional Magazine AssociationThe Catholic Press Association; and The Evangelical Press Association; and the MCMA.

JASON DEBLOOIS, Director of Technical Resources and Daily Operations

Jason came on board in May of 2005 after supporting over 80 newsletters and communication products as the Project Director of Newsletter Holdings LLC in McLean, Virginia for 8 years. In that position he was required to manage various web and database applications as well as write custom applications for a variety of projects. During his tenure at PSA, Jason has also written a large variety of custom reporting solutions and internal applications for a multitude of publishers requiring specialized information and applications that work with their web connectivity, email marketing processes and createdapplications and reports that allow our clients to get the data they need in the format they want. He continues to lead the IT Department in the areas of database security functionality. He is constantly searching for and implementing updates and upgrades to our current services, keeping PSA a technology leader in the publishing fulfillment industry. Because Jason understands all aspects of our business, he has a secondary role with PSA. Jason is in charge of working with the department managers to makes sure daily operations run smoothly. He leads the management team in meetings and is the person who makes definitive judgement calls when required. He clearly admits that the management team is so strong that this role is far easier than it sounds!

JANINE BOWER-SNYDER, Director of Customer Service

Janine is the newest of the management team, coming on board early this year. She brings 30 years of publishing experience that she acquired working for Brodart (an international products and service company for the library industry) as a supervisor in the quality control department testing new circulation systems and manager of the inside sales and services departments. Her previous managers felt that she could take on almost anything and regularly asked her to put this area in order or pull this staff into shape. So, like many talented publishing professionals, they become a victim of their own success! We know she will bring many new ideas and support to the supervisors and staff in the Customer Service Department.

KEITH ENGLERT, Director of Mail Operations

As our Mail Services Director, Keith’s diverse experience and background in distribution and receiving for several large companies prior to coming to PSA which has enabled him to streamline PSA’s client inventory and distribution processes. Keith came on board with PSA in 2011, bringing his experience gained as an inventory and shipping specialist for Woolrich (clothing and supplies). At Woolrich, he worked with a team to provide order support for all US stores managing thousands of SKU’s and hundreds of shipments daily. He has also worked for Kmart where he was responsible incoming and outgoing merchandise shipments, inventory, and warehousing. He specializes in finding the best, most cost-effective methods for shipping your products. Our clients can count on Keith and his service team to meet their varied needs with efficiency and professionalism.

GRETCHEN BADGER,  Director of Fulfillment and Special Projects

Gretchen joined the staff as a supervisor in our Customer Service Department in 2010. She came on board bringing many years of fulfillment, customer service, and database experience that she gained while working with 1-800-Flowers and Fannie May Candies. In her previous career she was responsible for the data entry team and consumer and business sales. After showing us that she can quickly improve fulfillment systems and champion creative ways to provide very sophisticated fulfillment support and reporting, she quickly rose through the ranks and now manages all data conversions, special projects and custom reporting as well as the daily fulfillment functions for many clients. Everyday Gretchen provides a unique blend of customer service, sales savvy, and database management experience to PSA and our clients. She effectively shares her experience in customer relations and vision for the “bigger picture” with both PSA’s service team and clients to effectively reach their customer base. Her income improvement and cost savings ideas have really helped our clients achieve increased profitability and higher circulation figures.

KATHY PAULHAMUS, Fulfillment Manager

Kathy gained most of her extensive circulation and fulfillment experience while working as the Director of Customer Service and Systems for the in-house subscription fulfillment operations at Grit Publishing Company. For over 20 years, Kathy led a team of over 30 CSRs and supervisors who supported subscribers and system operations. Kathy’s department was responsible for all incoming transactions, including mail processing, caging/balancing, data entry, and customer service. Her department was solely responsible for all ABC audit functions as well. Upon the inception of PSA, Kathy has supported the company’s growth by handling many operational functions and now is charged with the tasks of daily fulfillment, BPA and ABC audit function, job scheduling and tracking, special reporting, system updates, client inconversions and many production tasks.

ASHLEY GARDNER, Quality Control and Training Manager

Ashley has worked for PSA since she was a teenager. She has held positions in all PSA departments but Accounting and IT. As a result, she is very qualified to manage the quality control programs and to provide training programs to staff. When she is not training new staff, she is giving refresher training to keep team members informed and up-to-date with policies. She is also a backup for our Customer Service Manager. Because she knows so much about our processes, she consistently looks for ways to improve productivity and service for our clients and their customer base.

JASON KONKLE, Manager of Fulfillment and Technical Projects

Jason Konkle joined the PSA team in February of 2017. Jason has excellent technical and customer service skills that he gained working for a local technology company. He also holds a degree in Information Technology with a concentration in Web and Application Development. Jason supports many fulfillment and technical functions for clients and the in-house team. He constantly surprises us with excellent, creative ideas and clear, concise documentation. Jason also acts as a backup to many fulfillment and IT functions and helps with programming when needed. Because Jason’s initial position with PSA was working as a customer service representative, he really understands how work flows in our company and helps to bridge functions across departments. Recently promoted to a well-deserved manager position, Jason continues to support his fulfillment clients and assumes a manager role with projects.

JENNIFER LONER, Manager of Fulfillment and Client Services

Jennifer began her work with the PSA team as a Customer Service Representative in 2013. She quickly showed us that she could be a leader, often helping team members with complicated transactions and working as a liaison between the web programming team, fulfillment, and customer service areas. Prior to working for PSA Jen worked for Brodart (an international products and service company for the library industry) for 8 years, starting in the Shared Services/Lettershop Department and then promoted to support the Sales and Marketing Department. During that time, she acquired certifications in Microsoft Excel & Access as well as a strong background in other software applications. In 2017 Jen was advanced to a fulfillment support position where she took on additional responsibilities to assist clients with their fulfillment needs. Because of her excellent performance in all that she does, she has been promoted to her current position where she continues to support her fulfillment clients in addition to managing overall client services.

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