The PSA Difference

Today, PSA services dozens of publishers and hundreds of publications, large and small. But we’re different from other subscription fulfillment organizations. Here’s why:

OTHERS: Assembly-line “factory” fulfillment model

Up until now, many subscription fulfillment providers have been handled as a manufacturing process, with one department opening mail, another department batching, caging and depositing mail, another department performing data entry, and yet another department handling customer service and incoming phone calls. It looks like this:

These departments are often in different rooms (or even different countries), and one department has no idea what the other department is doing. So errors are never picked up either in the actual mail itself, or in the function performed on the mail. The result? Error-riddled subscription fulfillment, missed email and address updates…  well, poor customer service.

PSA: Custom fulfillment performed by CSR teams – working only on your pubs

At Publishers Service Associates, you have a team of CSRs which work only on your account. It looks like this (it’s very simple):

The same team opens the mail, batches, cages, deposits, does data entry AND handles all aspects of customer service. When they talk to a subscriber on the phone, they often remember processing the customer’s request when the order first came in. The result? Catching errors in your mail, making the customer feel special, updating your database with phone numbers and email addresses, and making sure the data is entered correctly the FIRST time. Also, your customers receive personal, customized service from your team of CSRs – building on customer loyalty and satisfaction.

There’s just no comparison. PSA’s program is the model for high quality subscription fulfillment.

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