Solutions for Large Publishers

PSA understands the needs of circulation people at large publishering operations, because we worked as circulation professionals at large publishers

PSA’s goal isn’t to be a huge corporation; it’s to be the best subscription fulfillment service on the planet. With us you’ll be a bigger fish in our pond… no more green bar reports, waiting for days or weeks for information, and we can turn your requests around in hours or days. Our team setup has been groomed for scalable growth – we accommodate publishers with millions of records and hundreds of marketing promotions per year.

PSA may not be the biggest subscription fulfillment operation… just the best.

PSA guarantees

We have developed a set of guarantees that we offer our publishing clients.

1. WE WILL MOVE FAST!  When you want to market or communicate with your customers, we will move fast. Creating quick Web landing pages is not a problem, email blasts can go out today, and if you want to mail now, we can do it… now.

2. MORE CONTROL FOR THE PUBLISHER: you have your own Customer Service staff that you can talk to and see how orders are coming in; they will share customer comments, make suggestions, and make you aware of possible issues before they become problems.

3. BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE: increasing subscriber retention because we are friendly, articulate and always approach each customer contact in the most conversational “soft sell” way. We take the opportunity to ask for the early renewal, cross sell, and up sell with every customer contact. Phones are answered within 3 rings, mail and email imports processed each day, and subscription fulfillment deadlines are always met.

4. NO BACKLOGS: reduces billing and renewal mailing costs from crossed renewals, getting accurate daily reporting, and allowing you to get your revenue into the bank much faster.

5. FULFILLMENT FILES GO OUT FAST: your renewals and invoices are mailed in days from the fulfillment pull, not weeks. Acknowledgements are mailed or emailed daily and premiums are mailed or emailed on demand. All this leads to faster, more efficient cash flow and higher renewal rates.

6. MONTHLY REPORTING DOWNLOADABLE TO EXCEL: You will not have to wait for reports. We have hundreds of standard reports you will be able to access; if you want custom reporting, we can provide that too.

7. YOU HAVE A DEDICATED TEAM OF PUBLISHING EXPERTS: experts in publication fulfillment, technology, and mailing and subscriber services at your disposal. If you need postage savings, want to look at options for mailing different packages, need the rules about auto renewals and more, our experts are there to support you!

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