COVID-19 Notifications to Our Valued Clients

PSA’s services have been identified as “life sustaining business services” from the state of PA, so we remain open and operating at 100% capacity, ready to serve your needs. We are redoubling our efforts to keep our staff healthy during this time. Our IT and operations staff continue remote testing, to make sure that we can continue to provide services if we are ordered to work from home. In fact, within the next 24 hours, we will temporarily switch to our “working from home” in bound call protocol to fully test our call rerouting. This means that your customer will hear the emergency recording asking them to place credit card transactions online. We will switch back as soon as the test is complete, and other than the recording, there should be no change in your service level.
During this shelter in place emergency, the PSA team would like to share marketing opportunities we’ve identified that can help you better serve your subscribers and grow your business at the same time. Here are our suggestions:

  • With fewer distractions, homebound workers are paying more attention to email than ever before. Opens and clicks on email promotions should be very high, if the subject of the email can identify and solve an immediate need. This is a huge opportunity to reach out to homebound workers to assist them with their jobs and/or entertain them. A few ideas for email promotions deploying in the next few weeks:
    • For consumer titles, consider offering digital versions of your publication as a free premium available immediately if the consumer purchases a 1 year print subscription. Help them break up the boredom of being bound at home with your digital issues, available right now.
    • For consumer titles, now is the perfect time for collection calls, renewal and requal calling.
    • For publishers and associations with upcoming events, consider email offering a heavily discounted entry fee for advance purchase of a show occurring in the last half of the year. Perhaps offer free entry to a roundtable or networking event associated with the show.
    • For associations, email perhaps bundle a digital eBook as a premium for a new membership or a one year renewal. If the subject matter of the book is engaging enough, the worker from home can brush up or learn new useful information from the digital eBook, available through instant download.
  • Change of address reminder – Directing subscribers to online manage account pages to update their address if they will not be at their normal delivery location
  • Digital access reminder – Reminder to subscribers with digital access that they can get the digital issues online and additional web content
  • The postal service is open for business. We feel there’s a window over the next few weeks of reduced mail quantities, and so, higher response rates for the marketing with an engaging timely offer.

We urge all our clients to think creatively how you can improve the lives of your subscriber base and build a strong recovery for your own organization through smart, well timed marketing during this emergency. Our fulfillment and IT staff are ready to help you fast track landing pages for email offers. Our outbound calling department stands ready to help you with telemarketing efforts. And our outbound mail department stands ready to mail your offers.

— Mark, Debra and the entire PSA team

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