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Kathy Paulhamus

A Heartfelt Tribute to Our Very First Employee

Our founder Mark Hintz first met Kathy Paulhamus almost 40 years ago when they worked together at Grit Magazine, a 600,000 circulation weekly. Kathy was the fulfillment manager, and she was quiet, detail oriented, incredibly smart, and knew magazine fulfillment inside and out. Eighteen years and many jobs later, when Mr. Hintz made the decision to start a high quality fulfillment company, Kathy was the first person he called. She was essential to the start up of PSA due to the breadth and depth of her knowledge. “Without Kathy, I’m not sure I ever would have started the company,” Mr. Hintz said.

Kathy is the type of person who will do any job necessary to help the company. Now, a 20 year veteran of Publishers Service Associates, Kathy is retiring. We will miss her personally, and we will always be thankful to her for her honesty, her faithfulness to the company, and her kindness to others. Kathy, you’re truly an inspiration!

If you don’t know Kathy, here’s a profile of Kathy we did a few years ago in our client newsletter.

Kathy Paulhamus
Fulfillment Manager

What did she do before coming to PSA:
She has been a customer service manager with Grit Publishing and office manager with Econo Lodge.

What does she like best about PSA?
Kathy likes all of the people she works with and the fact that everyone gets along. She also enjoys the casual dress code.

A typical day at PSA:
Kathy works with fulfillment software which encompasses preparing jobs for all PSA departments. She works with various clients and colleagues alike to resolve project-related needs.

What kind of volunteer work has she participated in?
She has collected and counted money for the MS (Mutiple Schlerosis) walk in her community.

What is Kathy’s passion?
Farming and taking care of animals.

What does she like to do with her personal time?
Being outdooors – yard work – mowing the lawn and trimming weeds.

Where does she imagine herself in five years, ten?
In five years Kathy sees herself at PSA and in 10 years – retired.

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