PSA is your full-service subscription fulfillment partner
for today’s complex publishing world
PSA Provides Better Fulfillment Than You Can Get In-house
Publishers Service Associate - outstanding magazine subscription fulfillment services

Why? Because of our outstanding subscription fulfillment software and the team of full-time circulation database management professionals who run it. Because our team knows the ins and outs of the publication fulfillment software and how to make it perform effectively. We provide you with zero mail backlogs 99% of the time. And when you need to get your message out, we can do it quickly!

PSA's reporting is accurate and up-to-date. We have a team of circulation database management professionals supporting your team of CSRs that few publishers can afford on their own.

Here's some specifics:

ZERO mail and transaction processing backlogs 99% of the time

This is huge - and many publishing fulfillment houses won’t talk about it, and it affects you in three ways.

Better cash flow – Those checks are deposited and credit cards processed as soon as they come in the door. Web orders are imported immediately so your funds hit your bank account as soon as possible.

More accurate reporting – Your orders aren’t waiting in a pile or on some file for an update, since processing takes place in a “live” environment, your accounting, circulation and marketing reports are
“real time”.

Huge savings on billing & renewals – Did you know that up to 9% of the renewal and invoices selected to mail have orders sitting somewhere in a backlog at the publishers (or fulfillment houses’) office? With no backlog at PSA, you instantly reduce your postage and material costs by eliminating them crossing in the mail with orders in-house.

PSA's reports are accurate. Are yours?

Fulfillment services software can be complicated and many publishers and their staff don’t really know how to use it effectively and to its fullest capabilities.

Did you know that the way to pull a report can drastically affect the report results?

Did you know that the way your CSR enters an order can drastically affect how that order is reported on, and can skew your report results?

Deferred subscription revenue is complex, and your CSRs can be unwittingly affecting your profits.

At PSA, we use a proven subscription fulfillment software package, and set up outgoing promotions so you get the exact reporting you intended. PSA's accurate reporting alone could save you thousands... or more.

PSA can provide fast and effective technical support for your internet marketing and subscriber communications needs

Getting quick, effective support for our marketing ideas is almost impossible. It takes weeks to get a promotion web page that connects orders to your subscription fulfillment database launched, unless you have the right support. When time is of the essence and you want to get your message out there, we can make it happen for you.

PSA has the knowledge, tools, and technical experience to support your marketing and subscription fulfillment needs

At every industry conference, we hear stories from small publishers who tell us that they often get “stonewalled” by their circulation staff. We all know that opportunities lost directly effects the bottom line.

How many times has your subscription fulfillment staff told you... “Our system can’t do that” - leaving many of your best marketing ideas on the shelf? At PSA “stretching the process” is our norm. We find ways to make your most interesting ideas work.

Does your fulfillment manager find ways to save you money or help you implement tests to improve your profit margins? For the publishing fulfillment team at PSA, finding ways to increase revenue for you is standard practice.

Does your staff make suggestions about better ways to track data or serve your subscribers? PSA’s team meets weekly to review ideas and processes. We offer suggestions that can significantly improve your bottom line.

PSA’s subscription fulfillment professionals offer more expertise than most in-house publishers can afford

This is perhaps the biggest advantage you get by moving your in-house fulfillment to PSA. We have a team of industry professionals managing your CSRs and every aspect of your fulfillment business. At PSA, our team is committed to helping you succeed, and our experts are available to you at no additional charge.

Publication fulfillment service professionals like:

  • Jason DeBloois, a 20 year veteran and new technology expert (all experience gained in the publishing fulfillment industry). Jason has expertise in current web and database communications and internet marketing processes,
  • Mark Hintz, a 30+ year veteran in circulation marketing management and publishing,
  • Debra Schulle, with over 26 years in the trenches, she understands the nuances of circulation, magazine fulfillment, and subscriber services like few others in the publication fulfillment field.
  • Andrew Conti, with over 25 years of fulfillment software sales and software marketing experience, he has been involved in the Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA), The Alliance of Area Business Publications, The City and Regional Magazine Association, The Catholic Press Association, The Evangelical Press Association, and is a FMA Fulfillment Management Association board member.

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