PSA is your full-service subscription fulfillment partner
for today’s complex publishing world
At PSA, You Retain Control of the Fulfillment Process

Many of our clients have made the switch from in-house fulfillment services to PSA because YOU retain control of the publishing fulfillment process

Publishers Service Associate - outstanding magazine subscription fulfillment services

Here's how we do that...

A team of professionals dedicated to your needs

Your team of Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) work primarily on your account. Only they open your mail, batch it, prepare bank deposits, capture credit card funds, and handle the data entry along with the customer service. They review your imports and help customers use your website and products. The result – higher quality service and customer satisfaction than you can get anywhere else. It’s like having skilled CSR employees of your own in the next room...without any of the hassles.

Your team will know your business. When PSA takes on your account, we either bring your CSR and management team to your office to meet with you and your staff, or we ask that you come to our offices to give us a tutorial on your business, your customer service philosophies, your goals and objectives. Your CSR team is required to read and understand your products and learn your business, so that they can truly assist incoming customer calls and offer sensible cross sells.

Your team takes ownership of your account and communicates with you accordingly. Because they know your products, schedule and expectations - our CSR and managment teams develop an ownership of your “brand”, which greatly increases quality of service and customer satisfaction. You can call the members of your team any time during the business day to ask about mail volume, hear about customer comments on a particular issue, or discuss details related to the next issue fulfillment.

Marketing and Accounting Reports online 24/7

Marketing reports at your fingertips, when you want it. Fresh information constantly, easily downloadable to Microsft Excel.

Custom reports that give you information the way you want them. Your business is unique and so are your reporting needs. If you cannot get the information you need from the selection of standard reports available, we will customize reports to meet your needs.

Because of our ZERO order processing backlog policy, your marketing and accounting information is current and accurate.

Daily Cash Reports which will confidently give your Accountant “peace of mind” with all of the cash handling processing

When our clients in-convert to PSA, if you have in-house cash reporting which is important to you, we mimic those reports so that you don’t skip a beat. We can provide you with as much or as little detail as you require. All transactions balance to the deposits and are recorded in our general ledger system.