PSA is your full-service subscription fulfillment partner
for today’s complex publishing world
Full Service Subscription Fulfillment
Designed by publishers for publishers

Top of the line customer service...

  • Your Customer Service Team handles only your account. “Its as if they’re your own staff, located in the office next door.”
  • Customer Service phones are answered by a person, not a computer, providing premier subscription services.
  • Zero daily mail backlog means your marketing information is up to the minute, your cashflow is significantly improved, and less bills and renewals cross in the mail, saving you circulation dollars. That's premier subscription fulfillment.
  • All customer service representatives have an average of 15 years of phone center and data entry experience.
  • Our mailing services and direct mail services are provided by a same building, same floor in-house lettershop right next to the CSR area, maximizing communication and minimizing errors.

Targeted technology that serves you and your subscribers with effective, fast communication methods - for the very best in fulfillment services

  • Technology for today’s subscribers - interactive web service.
  • Technology skilled customer service representatives who will help your subscribers use your web benefits, creating subscriber loyalty and confidence.
  • Text and voice alerts, email and fax blasts - when you need to communicate with your clients quickly.
  • Custom reporting - allowing you to serve your market more effectively.
  • Flexible and custom file formatting, allowing you to seamlessly maintain solid mailer relationships.
  • All reporting is online and updated daily, with our premier circulation database management.

It costs more to get a new subscriber than ever before. Why settle for the old “factory” model of fulfillment services - slow, uncaring, impersonal service, slow reporting, phone menus, delayed order entry and cash depositing? Outsource fulfillment services has entered a whole new realm with PSA, which offers premier magazine fulfillment, magazine subscription services, newsletter fulfillment online and product fulfillment.