PSA is your full-service subscription fulfillment partner
for today’s complex publishing world
Providing High Touch Fulfillment Services to
Publishers Expecting Excellent Service

Developing your audience, improving your profitability...


PSA serves many types of publishers. We offer magazine subscription fulfillment services to small and large specialty magazines; subscription fulfillment for association memberships and donors, newsletter fulfillment, along with publishing fulfillment services for journals, events, books, binder services, site licensed products and more. We offer circulation fulfillment and magazine subscription fulfillment services to consumer publications, business to business, institutional and single subscribers, agency accounts and online as well as custom subscriptions. PSA understands that specialty publishers require high attention to detail, expert database management, adherence to the client's specific policies, knowledgeable service and top-notch quality control processes. PSA meets all of these criteria and more.

Our systems will allow for all pricing structures including standard pricing, pricing based on subscriber type, foreign, domestic or regional, number of copies sold, bundled products and payment plans.

Our core business is full service subscription fulfillment and product fulfillment

We provide all aspects of publication fulfillment services for all types of publishers. Many of the new features and services we offer are borne from our full service client requests. Our growth is based on our client’s needs.

PSA gives you access to your subscriber and product data instantly with PSA Complete, our proprietary database management web portal supported by circulation database management professionals. Imagine logging into your circulation dashboard in the morning and viewing your current statistics, revenue and more. Refresh as the day goes on and see your orders being processed and pull reports in minutes. What better way to have a handle on your circulation fulfillment? And PSA Complete does so much more. Marketing savvy website subscriber self-help functions, can alert subscribers if their subscription is getting close to expiration, while changing their address, buying a gift subscription, or renewing online, PSA Complete lets you compare all subscription sources instantly - throughout your day. PSA Complete is fulfillment services at its best.