Frequently Asked Questions

Size of PSA

Why would I contract with PSA and not a mammoth fulfillment organization? PSA has built a custom solution that incorporates the #1, most stable, secure fulfillment solution on the market. We created a host of programs written by PSA programmers to enhance our circulation database management. Our core database program is Quickfill, which is used by both small and large publishers and publication fulfillment houses as a network solution. PSA has written custom web-database link self-help programs, customer reporting and file handling tools.

Over 900 publishers and publication fulfillment organizations rely on QuickFill to serve from 200 to more than 1,000,000 subscribers and millions of prospects. At PSA we have many client databases with millions of names – all in the secure environment. We chose Quickfill because the program is known by both BPA and ABC to be one database program that supports audited publications correctly. Financial auditors approve of the reporting and general ledger structure. We have also found that maintenance, flexibility and support are solid and have been trouble free.

Custom, homegrown systems are often based on old mainframe technology and rely on very “generic” processes. These systems can be unstable and often hard to upgrade. Most do not accommodate any special needs and they do not keep up with Postal, BPA or ABC upgrades.

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