Frequently Asked Questions

Size of PSA

I am concerned that PSA’s operation is too small for me?

You couldn’t be more mistaken - unless you have over a million actives on each publication file. You will be a bigger fish in our pond, not a minnow swimming up stream.... no more green bar reports, waiting for days or weeks for information, and we can turn your request around in hours or days.

PSA is owned by publishing professionals who have solid financial backgrounds and show growth each and every year. We have no debt and are far too young to retire. We plan to be in business for years to come. We have proven that we are a contender in this industry with over a decade of steady growth.

We have new technology-- and we are adapting daily to new technology needs- because we know it will keep you competitive and efficient.

We have structured our entire company for scalable growth. Our plan from the beginning has been to retain the top managers and always train and cross-train our staff for expansion. Our processes are written for expansion and space will never be an issue in our Williamsport, Pennsylvania facility. As this area has experienced a decline in manufacturing in the past 25 years, buildings and skilled human resources have been left behind. PSA has benefited from this since its inception. As a result, we are proud to be a leading employer in the Williamsport area.

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