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Size of PSA

Why would I contract with PSA and not a huge fulfillment organization?

Most large fulfillment organizations have systems built for the real big guys. Your particular requirements and requests can get lost among the needs of the BIG magazines.

This means their resources are allocated towards faster production. They buy big scanners; hire data entry and even teams in foreign countries to keep costs down. At PSA, we keep production high, but we do not sacrifice quality. Here's how:

  • Client teams - each client has a team of CSRs who work solely on your account who are educated on all aspects of your product line and requirements. These representatives have an average of 20 years in the service industry. They know how to keep your customers satisfied.
  • Additional team members - are trained to serve as skilled backup during heavy promotions. Skilled, scalable service allows for accurate processing time and a turnaround time of 24 hours for all transactions and revenue in the bank.
  • PSA uses finder codes - ensuring productivity and accuracy without sacrificing quality tasks such as picking up phone numbers and address details from customer checks.
  • Duplicate detection is a priority - both in our enhanced system and with the data entry staff. With many niche and specialty markets a clean file is essential to keep costs low and subscribers happy.

You get the benefit of extensive experience from our management team – PSA has sought out and built a high level team of managers to provide support to you and your staff. Each department is run by skilled publishing professionals unequalled in the fulfillment industry. We are proud to have smart, proven, experienced managers in subscriber and member services, data and web management, circulation, fulfillment processes, lettershop, postage and client services. When you need help with postage issues, marketing, tracking or mailings, you will have a team of professionals to rely on!

Technology – PSA invests in the most effective technology for database-web connection and promotional methods. We can have landing pages up and running for you in hours! PSA allows you to move quickly with marketing campaigns. Your company will no longer sit in line for your technology needs. Methods available today allow you to market your products in so many ways - and quickly.

Expediency on projects – PSA’s staff does not have to deal with tons of red tape or project protocol to change a policy, mail, fax, e-blast a promotion or create a new custom report. Our team understands the importance of “turning on a dime” to facilitate an opportunity or a need. We provide our team with the tools and resources to act quickly and effectively when required.

In a nutshell, here’s the PSA quality difference: we assemble a customer care team unique to each client. This team of CSR’s works ONLY for this client, and is required to read the magazines and products that their client produces. This team does data entry, batching and balancing, and handles the incoming and outgoing calls to/from your subscribers. The result? You, the publisher, keep absolute control of your publication fulfillment operations... it’s like having your own in-house publications fulfillment department managed by experts in the industry. It’s unbeatable. And it’s more cost-effective than our competitors.

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