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Publishers Service Associates offers premier magazine fulfillment services

  • PSA serves many types of publishers. We offer magazine subscription fulfillment services to small and large specialty magazines; subscription fulfillment for association memberships and donors, newsletter fulfillment, along with publishing fulfillment services for journals, events, books, binder services, site licensed products and more.  < continue >

Publishers Service Associates offers outstanding magazine subscription fulfillment
  • Your Customer Service Team handles only your account. “It’s as if they’re your own staff, located in the office next door.”
  • Customer Service phones are answered in the USA by a person - not a computer, for excellent subscription fulfillment services.  < continue >

 Publishers Service Associates offers outstanding publication service services

  • At PSA, you retain control of the subscrition fulfillment process AND you get the experienced staff you could never afford on your own.  < continue >

  • PSA can provide better fulfillment services than you get in-house. Not only because we have the strongest, most seasoned circulation management team.  < continue >