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for today’s complex publishing world

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Providing High Touch Fulfillment Services

PSA High Touch FulfillmentPSA serves many types of publishers. We offer magazine subscription fulfillment services to small and large specialty magazines; subscription fulfillment for association memberships and donors, newsletter fulfillment, along with publishing fulfillment services for journals, events, books, binder services, site-licensed products and more.  < continue >

Fulfillment Designed by Publishers for Publishers

Fulfillment designed by Publishers.Your Customer Service team handles only your account. “It’s as if they’re your own staff, located in the office next door.” Customer Service phones are answered in the USA by a person - not a computer, for excellent subscription fulfillment services.  < continue >

Why Switch Fulfillment Service Providers?

Why switch to PSA?At PSA, you retain control of the subscrition fulfillment process AND you get the experienced staff you could never afford on your own. < continue >

PSA can provide better fulfillment services than you get in-house.   
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